Ginny’s Dream Pumpkin Patch

Ginny had dreamed of what it would be like to visit a pumpkin patch, especially one like Charlie Brown and his crew visited every October. Her perfect pumpkin patch would include an abundance of orange orbs of all sizes, with the largest one right smack in the middle, and everyone could pick a small one … Continue reading Ginny’s Dream Pumpkin Patch

Love Grows in the Moonlight

Bree and Carter walk hand in hand in the moonlight, using the staff for protection and guidance. She was a little scared, but as they walk and talk without the constant noises of their phones clamoring for their attention or of guests who linger too long, she feels closer to Carter than ever before. A … Continue reading Love Grows in the Moonlight

Learning to Write through Fiction

I have a big ambition to write fiction and non-fiction, but I have never taken classes on how to do either. Our other blog, Isaiah 46 Ministries, has been relatively successful and people seemed to like my fiction, but that blog site was created as a Christian blog, with stories aimed at inspiring, encouraging, and … Continue reading Learning to Write through Fiction