Let’s See Who Wins: Using Deception to Keep Us Healthy

I wrote this post for the other blog, Help from Heaven, but felt it fit here well. I hope you like it. It has some humor and the lengths we will go to to try to keep the ones we love healthy.

I Believe He Hears: Sunday Writing Prompt

When I used to look up to the sky and pray and nothing changed, it was easy to believe that the sky was empty and that God did not exist. But, one day, I found that the sky is not as empty as we think and that God can be found there. I had adopted … Continue reading I Believe He Hears: Sunday Writing Prompt

Finally A Heart to Call Home

Fiction written for the First Line Friday Challenge by Mindlovemisery's Menagerie. Spider silk clung to the doors over the windows, across everything she had left behind. Jennifer stood next to her assigned bed, remembering all the nights that she laid there praying to God for some sign of who she was, whose she was, and … Continue reading Finally A Heart to Call Home