When Darkness Meets the Light: Daily Writing Challenge # 2

Regina wrote this on our other blog, Help from Heaven, and she wanted to share it with followers on here. The three challenge words for today were chipmunk, starlight, and snowy forest. I hope you enjoy the story.

Going Grocery Shopping for Mommy

Myra looked out at the deepening of the snow and knew that she could not walk to the grocery store to replenish their food supply, which was dangerously low. Her rheumatoid arthritis was causing her such acute pain, making walking in the frigid weather nearly impossible. She did not know her neighbors, so more than … Continue reading Going Grocery Shopping for Mommy

You Never Know Who Will Save Your Life: Wordle #211

Caroline was determined to make the most out of her vacations. What a ballyhoo she performed, stating to anyone who would listen that she was not afraid to try anything, leaving herself open to Jean's meanness. As the two women and their husbands walked through the highly-trafficked restaurant district in Istanbul, they palavered on where … Continue reading You Never Know Who Will Save Your Life: Wordle #211

When Life’s Journey is Short: Tale Weaver #197

He was a miracle from the beginning! I had three miscarriages before he struggled to remain in the womb. I spent four long months bed-ridden, determined to honor his will to live by doing everything that she could to bring him safely in the world. His smile captivated everyone around him, earning him the nickname, … Continue reading When Life’s Journey is Short: Tale Weaver #197

Racing Against Time: Tale Weaver #191

"Hurry," George said, "we have to leave before the first snow falls." George was head of the gnomes of Netherland, so he was responsible for ensuring that every gnome returned to Netherland before the onset of snow. Gnomes were for decorating in spring and summer. The snow was cold and wet, causing much grief to … Continue reading Racing Against Time: Tale Weaver #191