Living to 100: Exercise points

People focus on the food part of the Blue Zone concept and forget much of the rest. As a recap, the other points are a lifestyle of movement, connected to family, connected to community, connected to church, low stress, and life purpose (no retiring.) Let’s look at movement. In America, we have studies showing the … Continue reading Living to 100: Exercise points

Are We Ever in Trouble! Daily Writing Challenge

Caleb and Calvin were tired of staying right under their mother's feet. They wanted adventure in their lives. Mama had warned them not to stray away from the others, because there were predators out there like the leopards, jaguars, and cougars, who could run faster than they could climb a tree. But, they had never … Continue reading Are We Ever in Trouble! Daily Writing Challenge

Into the Closet by Regina Davis-Sowers

Today, a new horror entered her life. Johnny Campbell had spitefully called her "Little Monster," and the other kids had shouted the name at her in all of her classes. Caroline nearly tripped and fell as she raced for home, needing more than ever the solitude found only in the closet. It had been her … Continue reading Into the Closet by Regina Davis-Sowers