Are We Ever in Trouble! Daily Writing Challenge

Caleb and Calvin were tired of staying right under their mother’s feet. They wanted adventure in their lives. Mama had warned them not to stray away from the others, because there were predators out there like the leopards, jaguars, and cougars, who could run faster than they could climb a tree.

But, they had never seen one of these anywhere near where they wanted to play. They thought that Mama was just being over-cautious, and that there was little real danger. Famous last words for so many!

Off they went, carefree and at leisure. Racing each one around and up the trees, grabbing tree branches and swinging from tree to tree, bellowing at the top of their lungs, attracting the attention of a very nasty character. As they began to get a feeling of exhilaration and freedom, the hairs on the back of their necks stood on end, a sure sign that danger was nearby.

Calvin and Caleb were about halfway to the top, when they looked down and saw a leopard on the ground staring up hungrily at them. Instinctively, they started screaming and running up the tree, trying to put space between and their adversary, not wanting to become his dinner.

They heard a thrashing in the trees, as though something was moving fast from tree to tree. Suddenly, they looked down from the limb they were on to see the leopard being pummeled by another monkey. They were surprised to see that it was Mama! They stared wide-eyed as Mama went stone crazy on that leopard, so much so that the leopard decided that it was not worth all the aggravation to eat one of her babies, and it ran away.

Mama, all scratched up and exhausted on the ground, turned and looked up the tree at Calvin and Caleb with that “look” that they never wanted to see on her face. She told them to come down, and very reluctantly they did, fearing the worst. But when they reached the ground, Mama just grabbed them and hugged them, kissing them all over.

Then she looked at them sternly and asked, “Do you all ever listen to what I say? Don’t you know my lessons are for your own good, to keep you safe? You are grounded for the rest of your lives!”

They hugged their mother and told her thank you for saving their lives, promising to never to leave her side again! Mama thought, “Oh, yeah, like I believe that!” Holding each other close, the three monkeys headed for home.

Moral of the story: Watch out for Mama when you are messing with her children. She does not play!

Written for the Daily Writing Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith: the picture above served as the prompt. Fandango prompt is Leisure. Word of the Day Challenge is Pummel. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Feeling.

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