Tranquility: Sunday Photo Fiction

Allison saw the lighthouse as she drove through town trying to locate her Airbnb rental. She liked the juxtaposition of black and white. She would have liked to climb to the top and look out over the ocean, but her heart was in such turmoil at the loss of her mother that she planned to stay inside the apartment and relish the solitude of being alone.

She found the small cottage that she would call home for the next ten days several blocks away from the ocean. That was okay with her, as she just needed a place to read, complete puzzles, and eat and sleep.

But, each time she passed the lighthouse, she felt a pull towards it. Finally, one day she stopped and climbed to the top. When she saw the ocean in all of its raw beauty, a tranquility descended on her soul! Standing there, she remembered how her mother had loved to walk along the water’s edge. She climbed down and walked along the water’s edge, and as she walked, she could have sworn that she heard her mother’s voice assuring her that she was in a good place.

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction by Susan. Photo by Susan Spaulding.

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