You Never Know Who Will Save Your Life: Wordle #211

Caroline was determined to make the most out of her vacations. What a ballyhoo she performed, stating to anyone who would listen that she was not afraid to try anything, leaving herself open to Jean’s meanness. As the two women and their husbands walked through the highly-trafficked restaurant district in Istanbul, they palavered on where to stop and eat dinner.

Jean, determined to bring obtuse Caroline down a peg of two, suggested a place with the most gleimous-looking dishes possible. As they stepped into the restaurant, Caroline caught a glimpse of the food offered, and she could feel the nausea rising in her stomach.

Athough regretting her earlier boast to eat anything, she never abated in her zeal to experience the foods of other cultures. Caroline’s husband, Jeffrey, having seen the food also, asked her if she wouldn’t like to go elsewhere, but Caroline wanted to rake in accolades for her ability to eat anything at least once.

Then, Jean chose a dish of jagged pieces of some kind of meat that looked like it had been macerated to make it easier to swallow. What she did not know was that in Turkey, people tend to eat from the same food dishes. When it arived at the table, no one was in a hurry to take the first bite. Jean, with a glean of mischief in her eyes, said to Caroline, “Why don’t you start, as you are the one with the iron stomach!”

Caroline gulped loudly, but being the trooper that she was, grabbed a piece of bread and lifted some of the meat. With deliberate degustation, she found that she actually liked the food! Laughing, she invited Jean to join in.

Jean tried to decline, but everyone at the table said that because it was her choice of restaurant and dish, she had to eat some, too. She choked on the first bite, and she could not get air into her lungs. With her eyes bulging in fear, her husband tried giving her a whack on the back, but that did not help, at all.

Then, Caroline stepped around the table, wrapped her hands around Jean’sabdomen , between her navel and her rib cage, and applied the Heimlich maneuver. The meat popped out and Jean could breath again! It took her a few minutes to get her equilibrium back. Looking shamefaced, she apologized to Caroline for her rude actions and thanked her for saving her life.

Jean learned the hard way that you have to be careful how you treat others, for you never know who may save your life some day.

Written for Wordle #211 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie for November 29, 2018.

Words: Degustation, Whack, Rake, Macerate, Palaver, Gleimous, Ballyhoo, Abate, Obtuse, Jagged, Traffic, and Nausea.


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