Finding the Light: Tale Weaver #199

Day by day, Ava sat in the darkness, wondering if there were any light anywhere. She wanted so much to escape the darkness, to find a place where her soul was free to express itself in glorious ways. But her captor understood that with light comes hope, and he refused to allow Ava to even think about what lay beyond the shuttered windows.

Day after day, she created in her mind songs and poems full of words of strength, courage, love, joy, and hope. One thing her tormentor could not do was close up her mind. He may have her body in captivity, but he could never own her soul or her mind. He kept her residing in darkness, unaware that a whole world outside her abode waited in breathless anticipation for her poems and songs.

So, she built a world in her mind, one where joy, peace, love, kindness, and gentleness resided and reigned. It was where the light existed for her, a light that could not be extinguished except by death. Ava believed that when darkness surrounds us, whether it is the darkness of depression or a lover’s violence, of backstabbing workplaces or dysfunctional homes, it is so important to keep believing that the light of goodness exists and will one day enfold us.

So she writes on the table of her mind:

She smiled at me, so unexpectedly,

Someone she does not even know.

It brought such joy to my heart,

Leaving a debt to her that I owe.

I will spread her smile to others,

Helping their hearts to be fed.

For a smile speaks of acceptance,

Without a single word being said.

As Ava finished this poem, she noticed something happening. A little light was showing through the shutters! What could it mean? Then, more and more light flooded in, turning her dark place into a place of light.

As her eyes adjusted to the light, a face appeared, and the person said the most wonderful words Ava could hear: “Come out of the darkness, Lovely One, the light awaits you.” She was free from her tormentor, free to share herself with the real world.  

Ragtag prompt is Unaware. Fandango prompt is Contrast. Written for Tale Weaver #199 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

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