Racing Against Time: Tale Weaver #191

“Hurry,” George said, “we have to leave before the first snow falls.” George was head of the gnomes of Netherland, so he was responsible for ensuring that every gnome returned to Netherland before the onset of snow. Gnomes were for decorating in spring and summer. The snow was cold and wet, causing much grief to the little folks.

There was no place to hide once the snow started falling. The humans, braced for the onset of winter in their cozy and warm houses, never anticipated how the gnomes were effected by the abundant snow that sometimes covered them until they could not even see what was occurring around them.

George loved the humans, but they could be quite lazy in regards to removing the gnomes to a warm place to spend the colder months. So, they had no choice but to return to Netherland, a warm and vibrant place of rest, where they did not have to appear cute all the time.

George saw that some of the gnomes were vacillating about leaving, thinking that they were needed in the front yards of their home spaces, for they made them look whimsical and, dare we say it, funny! He braced for the ugliness that was about to start, if those gnomes did not put a move on and get into the gnomemobile for the ride back to Netherland. Didn’t they realize that they were racing against time, which passes so fast these days!

Oh, to see Netherland again, not seeing a pink flamingo or not having to hear those noisy wind chimes again until next May. Maybe by the time they return next year, pink flamingos and wind chimes will have been outlawed on earth, making the gnomes’ lives so much better, having nothing to distract the humans from admiring the gnomes in their yards.

George thought that maybe he will use his special pay to update his clothes and hat. He was a little tired of the blue clothes and red hats that seem almost ubiquitous in every city they found themselves. He was thinking yellow or green, although that might clash with the grass, might be better color choices.

“Is everyone aboard?” George asked. On receiving a resounding Yes, George put the gnomemobile into gear, turned it towards Netherland, and took off for their winter getaway. As they cleared the tops of the houses, the gnomes of Netherland could be heard joyfully saying, “Happy Winter, you snow-loving people. See you when it gets warmer!”

Written for the October Writing Prompts by Putting My Feet in the Dirt: the gnomes of Netherland. Written also for Tale weaver #191 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

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