Ginny’s Dream Pumpkin Patch

Ginny had dreamed of what it would be like to visit a pumpkin patch, especially one like Charlie Brown and his crew visited every October. Her perfect pumpkin patch would include an abundance of orange orbs of all sizes, with the largest one right smack in the middle, and everyone could pick a small one for free.

There would be a scarecrow dressed like a British banker, complete with bowler hat and an umbrella, to scare away the crows and give everyone a great laugh. There would be no hurry to pick a pumpkin quickly, allowing people to vacillate on their choice, so that everyone gets their favorite pumpkin.

But, what would make a really great pumpkin patch would be tables filled with pumpkin pies to sample and pumpkin eggnog to drink. There would be games to play, including a Peter the Pump-kin Eater game, wherein everyone tried to help Mrs. Pumpkin Eater escape the shell her husband put her in to keep her in one place. Other games would be spitting pumpkin seeds, pumpkin carving, and a pumpkin eating contest that everyone could participate in, even children with braces. It would be a long, lazy few hours of much-anticipated fun.

The perfect pumpkin patch would, therefore, be a place for laughter, games, good food, and people coming together to bring in fall with a warmth unknown in other seasons. It would be a place where everyone, regardless of social class, felt important, and everyone would leave with a pumpkin of their own. That way even the families without money could enjoy the pumpkin patch and their children would have the same exhilarating experiences carving a pumpkin as the other more fortunate children.

Written for Daily Writing Challenge for the Haunted Wordsmith. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Lazy.  Word of the Day Challenge is Vacillate. Daily Addictions prompt is Anticipate. Your Daily Prompt is Abundant. Ragtag prompt is Brace.

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