An Arrest on the Briny Sea

Detective Inspector Drake was feeling fear in his breast, as he and other policemen sailed after the dastardly beasts who had robbed the Bank of Nova Scotia. His fear was fed by the billowing of the briny sea. His bloodshot eyes  evidenced his lack of sleep, for the breakthrough in the case did not happen until the wee hours of the night.

The constabulary had to borrow a boat because of the bleak prospects of their own craft sailing briskly enough to catch the thieves’ boat. A steady breeze was helping them to push them closer to their targets. As they skimmed across the water, DI Drake tried to stay focused on the chase, not the bottomless nature of the deep.

Finally, they caught up with the thieves, and in his fear, DI Drake nearly went berserk on them for causing him to be out on such a violent and roiling sea. But he stopped himself in time, not wanting charges of police brutality to cause the men to go free. When his feet touched dry land, he prayed not to have another arrest on the briny sea.

Written for the Wordle Challenge for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: the letter b.

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