A Secret Life

Jane looked around the after hours bar, ensuring that she did not see anyone who knew her. No one from her job, shoot, not even her mother, would not recognize her in this dress, wig, and makeup. But it’s best to be safe when you share in the wonderful life of recreating the stories from Downton Abbey. She plays Lady Mary Josephine Talbot, the eldest daughter of Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham.

If was quite the affair with costumes and scenery, and though the recreators were an eclectic bunch, they were like-minded in their love for all things Downton Abbey,, including the hierarchical bent of the show. Her fellow professors in the English Literature department at Howell College at Cambridge would be appalled that she, the chairman of the department and a great feminist scholar, was partaking in what they would consider “patriarchal nonsense.”

But, she who had been born in a working-class family received a natural high when pretending that she was once part of high-born society, thinking that she would, of course, have been kind to her servants.

Written for the Three Things Challenge for The Haunted Wordsmith: share, affair, and after hours.

The Daily Prompt is Eclectic.

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