Love Grows in the Moonlight

Bree and Carter walk hand in hand in the moonlight, using the staff for protection and guidance. She was a little scared, but as they walk and talk without the constant noises of their phones clamoring for their attention or of guests who linger too long, she feels closer to Carter than ever before. A peace lingers in this place that draws their hearts together, something that is often missing in the hustle and bustle of everyday living and surviving in the concrete jungles.

She’s glad that he talked her into this camping adventure. She was not sure that she could survive three days away from civilization with all its electrical gadgets that make life so bearable. But, here they are on the mountaintop celebrating their first days of married life. Making sure to avoid the slippery  crevices, they are dependent only on each other to be safe in the rocky terrain that leads back to their tent. She hopes that they will remember to incorporate these times of tranquility and joy into their lives even after, or especially when, the children start to arrive.

Fiction written for the Three Things Challenge by the Haunted Wordsmith: camping, staff, moonlight.

Fandango prompt is Guest. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Crevice. Ragtag prompt is Slippery.

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