Giving the Body What It Craves

Green okra covered in cornmeal

Can be found in most Southern towns,

Fried in copious amounts of oil,

To a wonderfully golden brown.

I know that they are not good for me,

But unhealthy is a Southern way of life.

Even how sweet our tea should be

Is a cause for legislative strife.

There is no neutral ground to decide

Whether meat should be baked or fried.

We gloss over the harm to our fragile hearts,

So that our taste buds are not deprived.

I have tried to go with the vegetarian theme,

Even eating green beans that have a crunch.

But after about two or three weeks go by,

I crave fried and greasy for my lunch.

So, I go out back to our garden

And pick some tomatoes that are still green,

Then, I fry them up in some vegetable oil,

And I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

Written for the September Writing Prompts by Putting My Feet in the Dirt: covered in cornmeal.

Fandango prompt is Fragile. Ragtag prompt is Copious. Daily Addictions prompt is Theme. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Neutral. Word of the Day Challenge is Gloss.

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