A Love for Winter

Young Jeb hated the summer months,

And longed for the fragility of the cold.

For he loved the crispness in the air,

And hours outside were better than gold.

He’d put his long johns on under his jeans,

And join his friends on the town’s main drag.

They’d gloss over stories of romantic escapades

Until their penchant for lying started to flag.

Then trouble would start as one after another

Of his friends began with their copious gripes.

And before long a fight would break out,

And he’d wake up in prisoner’s stripes.

Still, he loved this cold time of the year,

Without the themes of heat and sweat.

Drinking mulled wine around a bonfire

Was as contented as one could get.

Written for the Three Things Challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith: flag, long johns, and stripes. Fandango prompt is Fragile. Ragtag is Copious. Word of the Day is Gloss. Daily Addictions prompt is Theme.




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