The Capture of the Greedy Pumpkins Thieves

WRITTEN FOR Flash Fiction for the Practical Practitioner and September Writing Prompts for Putting My Feet in the Dirt: sneaky and cheeky

Sneaky and Cheeky, better known as Mart and Bart, the Collier twins, needed cash and in a hurry. Neither was known for being very smart, which explained their many stints in the local jail. But, this time, they were sure that they had everything planned just right, for they had found buyers for the pumpkins they planned to steal from Mr. Dell’s pumpkin farm.

They drove their long-bed truck out to the pumpkin field and loaded the back with hundreds of plump, sweet pumpkins. Cheeky told his brother that he thought they had enough, and that they should leave while they were still ahead. But Sneaky got greedy and wanted more. So, they kept adding more, stacking them as high as ten to a pile, until there was no more room in the back of the truck.

Then Sneaky said, “We can load some into the cab, and even put some in our laps.” Cheeky was skeptical, but he always listened to Sneaky, who would have a conniption fit if he was challenged in any way.

So, they loaded pumpkins from one end of that old truck to the other, a bit too many for the trip to the buyers. They could not even fit into the truck themselves. And as they were standing outside the truck arguing about how many to leave behind, they suddenly became aware of sirens headed their way.

Bumping into each other, they climbed into the cab, but because of the pumpkins in the cab, Cheeky could not see the gear stick properly, and they ended up going backwards instead of forward. Sneaky just would not throw any of the pumpkins away. So, needless to say, they were caught orange-handed! (Get it?)

Moral of the story: Greed and trouble are two sides of the same coin.


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