I’ve Never Seen You Before!

Fictional story written for September Writing Prompts by Putting My Feet in the Dirt

Derek could not understand why his key would not open his car. Every time he tried to insert the key in the lock, he missed the lock! He was a little drunk, but not so much that he did not know his own car. He stood for a while, to give his mind a rest before trying again.

Then, he heard someone behind him talking to him, and turned around to see what they were saying. He was surprised to see a young woman standing a few feet  beyond him, speaking words that he could barely understand. He asked her to talk louder, for he could not make out what she was saying.

She stepped closer to him, and she said, “I have a message for you from someone who obviously loves you a lot!” Derek looked at her, and he responded, “Do I know you?” She said, “No, but I have a message for you from someone who loves you a lot!”

Derek looked at her and decided that she was not his type, but to get rid of her, he asked what was the message and who was it from. She looked at him and said, “Tonight is not your night to die! I am to tell you that tonight is not your night to die! So, give me your keys and I will drive you home.”

Derek stared at her like she had lost her mind, but something in her earnestness and her wariness toward him finally convinced him of the courage it took for her to accost him. Somehow, he knew he had to listen to her.

So, he handed over his keys, and she unlocked the doors. She got into the driver’s seat, and he got in the front passenger seat. She said, “Tell me your address!” But Derek answered, “Just drive, and I will direct you as we go.”

She said, “No, tell me where you live. I know my way around this town, having went to college here.” He told her that he lived in the Alpha Kappa fraternity dorm on the campus of Milmonyville University. As she pulled out of the bar’s parking lot, he sat back, determined to give her directions.

Early the next morning, Derek awoke in the passenger seat of his car in front of the same bar. Then, the fuzz in his brain lifted, and he remembered that he had tried to enter the car and failed and that a young woman had accosted him.

He started to shake all over, as he realized that he must have went to sleep while she was driving him home, and that if he had been driving, he might have killed himself and someone else. That young woman had saved his life and his career, for he had been celebrating being awarded a full Golden Scholarship to law school. What if he had been arrested for drunk driving and lost it all?

He owed this woman a debt of gratitude, for, as an only child, grandchild, and great-grandchild, his family would have been devastated by his death in so ignoble a way. He had to find her and thank her. But, where would he start? Surely, if she was at the same bar, then maybe he could find her there. He prayed and thanked God for her and asked Him to let him find her again.

Every weekend he returned to the bar, never drinking alcohol, just sipping on a coke and looking for her. But, he could not find her.

Then, one night, his friend had A bad case of the flu, and some of the fraternity brothers took him to the hospital. A young resident walked in to check him, and to Derek’s delight and surprise, it was the woman.

He would never forget her face. As they were leaving the emergency room, he went back and found her, to offer his thanks to her.

He said to her, “Thank you for driving me home and keeping me from maybe hurting someone. I owe you my life and career, and my family owes you a huge debt!” She looked at him and said, “I was at that bar that night with friends, but, I am sorry, Sir, I have never seen you before in my life!”

As he walked away, Derek marveled that she did not remember him, but he decided not to push it. It seemed that God had sent an angel to save him that night, and how she came to save him would forever remain the mystery of Milmonyville.


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