A Surprise Picnic by the River

Caleb wanted to do something special for Veronica, the love of his life. He knew that she loved riparian feasts on the river. But, not being able to even boil water, he wondered how he could achieve such a magical moment for this woman who brought him so much joy.

As he walked past the different eating establishments, he noted great prices for takeaways. So he formulated a meal, ordering a pizza with all of the toppings she liked: black olives, red peppers, artichoke hearts, and grilled chicken. Then he ordered some french fried potatoes for himself. Adding cokes and a bag of her favorite cookies, Double Stuf Oreos, he went to her home to invite her to join him.

Veronica was shocked because she had told Caleb that she did not like erratic behavior. But, then she loved him because he was not like the average guy, for he was always thinking of ways to make her smile. So, she put aside her work, and she accompanied him down to the river, where they had the most delicious meal, full of love, laughter, and lunacy. A great time was had all around.

Written for the 100 Word Wednesday Challenge by The Haunted Wordsmith.¬†Fandango prompt is Erratic. Daily Addictions prompt is Average. Scott’s Daily Prompt is Formulate. Ragtag prompt is Feast. Word of the Day Challenge is Riparian.

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