Hook-nose, Baloney-nose, and Speedy Girard Learn to be a Team.

The mighty munchkins, having been created during the storm of rotten eggs, and immediately having gotten into conflict with each other, decided that they each hated the other. Speedy Girard decided to climb the steps that lead from the house on the beach up to the top of the cliff. Hook-nose took one look at the giant steps and started up the beach. Baloney-nose, seeing the others leave, decided he didn’t have to, and crept into the house to look for food.

Speedy, being by far the fastest of the trio. Ran and jumped onto the first step. He then jumped more slowly to the second. Breathing hard, he realized the staircase seemed to go to infinity, and he needed another way. Going to the edge, he crawled up the slanted part that the steps were nailed to. Each time that he crawled to the next step, the drop on the other side got farther and scarier. As he slowly gained the tenth and then the fifteenth he grew tireder. Finally, when he arrived at the twentieth step, he was quivering with exhaustion. Since the top of the stairs looked no closer, he lay down to rest, but soon felt an earthquake. At first it was tiny, but quickly grew so strong that he was bouncing on the board. Looking up, he saw a monster bouncing down the steps toward him. Quickly, he grabbed the step above him, and standing on the inside edge of the step he was on, leaned in to try to hide from this dangerous thing.

Little Helen, being only seven, thought she saw something on the steps, but surmised it was just a rat, kept bouncing down. She had run up to confront her mother who had thrown the eggs at her. After grabbing the last few, throwing them at her mom (and missing) as payback, she was trotting back. Soon it would be lunchtime. She had to find the fresh eggs that the hens had laid and hidden, for their lunch. Mom had stopped to talk to a friend but would be down soon.

Unfortunately, Speedy’s hiding place was quite precarious, and when Helen bounced on Speedy’s step, he bounced lost footing and then his grip. It was a short fall to the dirt, but this was a cliff. Soon he was rolling, tumbling down the steep embankment, almost as fast as Helen. He might have rolled safely all the way down but unfortunately, a rope had fallen beneath the steps. He rolled right in, and then the rope and he continued rolling down. Soon, he was completely tangled. By the time he stopped at the bottom, there was only a hand visible sticking out the massive knot. Try as he might, he couldn’t move. He lay there thinking, that strange guy whose nose looked like bologna got me out of the sand trap. Maybe he’ll get me out of this.

That strange guy, Baloney-nose, had gotten close to the house, only to discover that there was a giant feathered creature guarding the porch. When he got closer, it spotted him and ran toward him. He saw a great hiding place. It looked to high up, but hearing a loud cluck from that feathered monster, he jumped higher than he ever jumped again, and landed in a soft bed, There was a lady just his size, already laying in the bed. “Excuse me.” He said, but she made no response. Was she sleeping? To not disturb her, he crawled into the other end of the bed. Just as he got hidden under the blankets, he heard, “Pet, why are you attacking my dollie? Oh, Maggie, did she hurt you?” Then the bed lept into the air and started swinging wildly.

Helen, having rescued her dollie, Maggie, and the doll bassinet (really just an old orange crate) from her pet chicken, Pet, carried them into the safety of the house before grabbing a basket to collect the eggs. Meanwhile, Baloney-nose quaking in fear of the giant monster, stayed under the covers. Soon, the warmth sent him to slumberland.

Meanwhile, Hook-nose was struggling down the beach. If it had been sandy all the way, it would have been easy. This rocky beach started part way through the yard. He climbed over boulders, huge giant boulders. It was slow going, and he kept falling off the far side of each boulder. Hook-nose was still in Helen’s yard when a boulder shifted after he fell, and rolled over the top of the hole he fell into. He pushed this way and that, but could not get the boulder off. The only thing he managed to do was shift one of the support boulders and cause the boulder to settle lower, pinning him under the boulder. Thus two of the menehunes were trapped and the third was asleep, with none of them wanting to ask the others for help.

Suddenly, though, Helen, looking for a last nest along the base of the cliff, managed to kick the rock loose. As she went up to the cliff Hook-nose scrambled free, and decided he needed to return to the house. He thought, “Why am I leaving and having problems. I’ll go back, and they can leave.” Meanwhile, Helen, having finally found the last nest, turned and thought she saw a tiny human disappearing into the house. She wondered, “Are there two, or have I seen one twice?” She hurried back to get another glimpse. When she entered, she searched, but found no one. Frustrated, she grabbed her dollie so violently that baloney-nose went flying. Helen thought she saw a fat tiny human out of the corner of her eye, but by the time she turned to look, he had flown out the window. He flew to the edge of the porch and pin-balled into Hook-nose, who had just arrived back. Baloney-nose flew one way, under a very startled hen, who thought her egg had just hatched.

Hook-nose flew the other, under the steps and into a pile of rope that said oof. Hook-nose, sure that the one in the pile had been the one who hit him, grabbed the hand and yanked while pushing on the rope. Painfully, Speedy emerged from the tangled trap. They stood there, glaring at each other, thinking what bad things to say, when suddenly, they heard a cry for help. Looking, they spotted Baloney-nose trying to escape the hen. Every time he crawled out from under her, she pushed her funny looking chick back under. Hook-Nose and Speedy were laughing so hard, that they needed support, so they grabbed each other. This started their friendship. As they finished their laugh, they decided to rescue Baloney-nose. Hook-nose charged right at the hen, but the hen didn’t budge. It just tried to peck him. Realizing his mortal danger, he ran. Speedy watched and thought. He looked around and found a bag of corn. He threw a piece near the hen, who reached out and pecked it up. He threw one a little farther, and this time the hen had to stretch. Slowly, he enticed the hen to leave the nest. The first couple of times, she got back to the nest too quickly. Finally, he put a pile too far away. Enticed, the hen ran to the pile, and Hook-nose ran in and pulled the half suffocated Baloney-nose to freedom. Sitting together, they talked about their day. They realized that first, Baloney-nose rescued both of them, then Hook-nose rescued Speedy, and finally, after Hook-nose failed, Speedy thought of how to rescue Baloney-nose. They realized how much they needed each other.

They searched and found a lovely hiding place by going under the stove and finding an opening that lead to a space behind the kitchen cabinets. Soon they had rough beds and fell asleep. They had discovered that they needed each other, but little did they know that tomorrow, they would learn that they needed to stay living with Helen.

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