Learning to Write through Fiction

I have a big ambition to write fiction and non-fiction, but I have never taken classes on how to do either. Our other blog, Isaiah 46 Ministries, has been relatively successful and people seemed to like my fiction, but that blog site was created as a Christian blog, with stories aimed at inspiring, encouraging, and giving hope. I wanted it to remain true to the mission statement, so I started this second blog site for fiction. Douglas will write on this site as well.

Fiction, to me, is a great way to examine the human condition, and there is always some lessons to be learned in good fiction. In reading the posts of bloggers I follow each day, I am discovering more and more about human activities and what humans are capable of perpetrating, but also of just how much love is needed in the world today.

Fiction writing gives us the opportunity to open our imaginations and create worlds inhabited by fictional characters that always resemble someone real, even if the author writes a disclaimer that any resemblance to actual or real people is purely coincidental. But, how could you possibly write about characters that don’t exist in any form in the people around us? Impossible, I believe.

So, I am going to use this blog site to create fiction from the word prompts that are proliferating on WordPress. I want to participate in many of the challenges, finding them a great source of learning. I believe my confidence will grow enough to seriously consider writing a book for real. That is my goal.

I will continue to write on the other blog, also using some of the prompts, but I want to begin to start weaning myself off the prompts and just telling stories and discussing lessons learned over years of working in corporate America and teaching at colleges and universities in the South, Midwest, and Southwest. I hope readers will join me in both places. So, on to a new undertaking. Welcome to The Humble Word Nerd, and here’s to joining great fictioneers.

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